UK magazine news trade


For a magazine to achieve a full UK distribution it has to be accepted by the two main wholesale groups: Smiths News and Menzies Distribution. The publisher will be advised which retail channels should be considered to stock their particular magazine.

Warners Distribution has an excellent relationship with these wholesale groups and all the major retail channels in the UK such as: WH Smiths High Street; WH Smith Travel; TM Retail Group; Supermarkets and numerous other regional chains.

Once a marketing strategy has been agreed with the publisher then presentations are made to the relevant buyers to stock that magazine. Each retail channel can offer a number of different promotional mechanics to support a launch, and this involves the purchase of shelf space.

With magazines being distributed on a Sale or Return basis (SOR) accurate copy management is an important part of the service provided and your Account Manager will keep you fully informed of the likely number of copies required to print.

Achieving a commercially viable sales efficiency is also important and your magazine will be monitored and copies targeted on an ongoing basis. We are also able to provide a wide range of sales and marketing reports as well as supportive Return on Investment (ROI) analysis from retail marketing activity.

Advice on the importance of front cover design, the strategic use of cover-mounts, supplements and other marketing initiatives can all be provided by Warners. We also have extensive in-house publishing expertise which can be drawn upon whenever necessary.