Publishing Services

Leading the way in specialist magazine publishing.


Having been in the specialist magazine publishing market for over 25 years and now publishing over 20 magazine titles, Warners Group Publications plc understand that publishing is a complex market. Without the right ingredients you can easily find yourselves with a publication that doesn’t deliver what you intended or even reach your readers in the first place.

We provide a complete range of publishing services for publishers across all markets. Each of our services has been developed to help publishers get their publications through all the stages of production, from creation to distribution. Offering the best in third party publishing services to a broad variety of external clients, we deal with small individual publishers through to large international trade associations.


  • Subscriptions Management
  • Magazine Distribution
  • Contract Publishing
  • Printing Services
  • Web Development
  • Digital Print
  • Creative Services
  • Video Production

All the above services are independent and flexible; they can interact with each other or co-exist with your current systems to give you the ideal publishing solution for your business. This means we can complement your existing expertise and resource, or provide an all-encompassing publishing package that allows you to concentrate on your core business.

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Whichever service you need, you can be sure that you are represented in your marketplace with the highest level of professionalism.