New launches


Warners can advise you on every aspect of launching a new magazine.

With any new magazine launch, retail buyers need to be convinced that stocking that product will increase revenue through their stores and that supportive marketing investment to drive sales will be available. As your distributor, we will provide you with unbiased advice and an assessment on the likely potential of your new magazine.

Working in partnership with you we will present your magazine to various retail buyers who will need convincing that your product will be successful and generate sales revenue. It is necessary for a publisher to have a retail launch budget to invest in the purchase of shelf space and in-store promotions. A bespoke circulation strategy would also be agreed with you and this would provide the basis of your ongoing circulation and marketing strategy to develop sales after the initial launch.


  • Have you realistically considered the size of the market?
  • Have you considered the likely number of copies which will sell?
  • Do you know the start-up costs?
  • Do you know what is required to successfully get your magazine onto a retailer’s shelves?
  • Are you aware of the cash-flow implications of launching a new magazine?
  • Did you know that no magazine can be published and distributed without a barcode?

Advice on all these vital aspects of publishing as well as the importance of front cover design, the strategic use of cover-mounts, supplements and other marketing initiatives can all be provided by Warners.