How much planning is required to launch a magazine?

A minimum three-month lead time is ideal, but launches can sometimes be undertaken in a shorter time-scale

Do I get my unsold magazines back?

No. All magazines and newspapers are circulated on a Sales or Return (SOR) basis. The retailer returns unsold copies to their supplying wholesaler who in turn sends them to be re-cycled

Do I have to pay for retail shelf space?

Yes. All Retail Groups have a scale of charges and a range of promotional mechanics for magazine publishers. This is payable in full at time of requesting a booking

When will I know how many copies my magazine has sold?

Usually two weeks after a magazine comes off-sale in the UK. Can be up to six months from some export countries e.g. Australia

When will I start receiving payment from my magazine’s sales?

See your Distribution Contract for details, but payment is usually staggered over the three months after off-sale

Why do I need a Distribution Contract?

All distributors require a Distribution Contract although their individual terms and condition may vary

How much will I receive from the cover price?

The cover price sales are split between the Retailers, Wholesaler, Distributor and Publisher. The publisher’s remit will depend on the Terms of the Contract agreed with their distributor

I want to move from another Distributor to Warners – is it difficult?

No. All distributors are obliged to provide all historical data to a publisher’s new distributor. This data belongs to the publisher/ magazine

What is the lead time to move from one Distributor to another?

Moving your magazine’s first issue to Warners can be undertaken up to three weeks before a print figure is required for our first issue

How much notice do I need to give my Distributor?

Check the terms of your contract. Some distributors have clauses which may make it difficult to give notice without a lengthy lead time. Warners operate a short three-month notice period

Can I take up references before making a final decision to come to Warners?

Yes. We have many satisfied clients as well as senior contacts in our industry who would be willing to provide feedback if required