Radio User

Few contemporary pastimes can be said to be as appealing as the radio hobby, and RadioUser magazine caters for a wide and diverse spectrum of interests in radio.

Each month, the magazine is at the forefront of emerging trends in both broadcast- and two-way radio, looks at the best in international radio programming and offers equipment reviews, as well as the very latest in radio-related news, innovations and products. We are the only UK magazine with regular contributions on maritime and airband radio, digital radio, software-defined radio and antenna technology, DXTV, scanning and emergency communications, and the monitoring of utility (non-broadcast) radio signals.

Furthermore, RadioUser regularly looks at the history and science of radio, at issues of radio wave propagation and at the outreach activities of the many current clubs and associations in the hobby. RadioUser is your indispensable reading if you work in radio or just love the magic of this hobby.

RadioUser’s editor, Dr. Georg Wiessala, is a radio hobbyist, writer and lecturer of many years’ standing, with particular interests in the technical and social aspects of the medium.

RadioUser is available from newsstands, by subscription and in a downloadable electronic format.