Practical Wireless

The hobby of amateur radio has come a long way since Practical Wireless (PW) was launched in 1932. The magazine is proud to be the only remaining bookshelf magazine dedicated to the hobby.

We believe this success to be because Practical Wireless has reflected and continues to reflect developments in amateur radio – in its technology, its participants and activities, its licensing framework and its appeal to all age levels. The magazine’s team of regular columnists and its guest feature writers bring a wealth of expertise, covering technical, operating and historic interests as well as always looking to the future. The magazine features reviews of the latest equipment, regular practical constructional articles, the latest news, a vibrant Letters column, and a monthly cornucopia of features from the UK and around the world.

PW’s editor, Don Field G3XTT, is a highly experienced and well-known radio amateur with vast experience in the hobby’s many facets – amateur radio is his passion and this is reflected in the breadth and depth of the magazine’s pages.

PW is available from newsstands, by subscription and in a downloadable electronic format.