Ramsay’s Guides


Each Ramsay Guide includes a variety of information relevant to the collectables market, such as toys, games, diecast models and much more. Titles include:
Ramsay’s British Model Trains

Ramsay’s ‘British Model Trains Catalogue’ is your essential reference to model locomotives, rolling stock and accessories. Fully comprehensive, it’s the professional’s choice that’s now available to all collectors, dealers and model railway enthusiasts worldwide.
Ramsay’s British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue

Ramsay’s ‘British Diecast’ is the UK’s best price guide for diecast models and toys. The catalogue includes detailed and updated listings of diecast models produced up to 1983, with over 3,000 new items.

Sections include, Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Chad Valley, Tri-ang Minic, Models of Yesteryear, Lone Star and many more British manufacturers.
Ramsay’s Model Price Review

Ramsay’s ‘Model Price Review’ is the updated publication for users of the two-yearly ‘British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue’. Hundreds of auction results are provided, along with surveys of price trends, model variations, and information relevant to collectable toys and diecast models.

The Ramsay Guides are part of our online collecting resource, Collectors Club of Great Britain. This all encompassing website is the resource for all collecting enthusiasts and perfect for both the novice and experienced collector.