Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames deals with all forms of miniatures wargaming, primarily historical but including fantasy, sci-fi, pulp, steampunk and roleplaying. It also has a regular board wargames column and has led the hobby in its coverage of wargaming activity on the WWW.

The focus is on high-quality writing, excellent photography and superb maps of battles and campaigns. Articles include scenarios, coverage of the latest hobby developments, interviews with leading names in the hobby, reviews and analysis of popular rulesets, ‘how to’ articles about terrain building, how to transfer famous battles to the tabletop, advice about collecting and painting miniatures, opinion pieces and even free rulesets! A recent issue included a free directory of wargame clubs in the UK and its highly respected Recce section is renowned for its honest reviews or books, rulesets, miniatures and wargaming accessories, with only the very best being awarded the coveted “Battlegames Award for Excellence”.