Campsite Finder details over 6000 campsites

Campsite Finder details over 6000 campsitesThere’s a greater choice of campsites for motorhomes, caravans, and tents than ever before with the announcement that Campsite Finder now has details of over 6000 campsites.

Dozens of new sites have been added in the last few weeks to bring the number over this impressive threshold.

Campsite Finder enables users to search for sites by narrowing down their choices in any number of ways. Most popular is the geographic search, because people tend to know what part of the country they want to visit. On Campsite Finder this search can be as broad or as specific as the user wishes.

In the same or subsequent search, users can refine their requirements by any of dozens of options – the type of unit they use (caravan, motorhome, tent) or whether they are looking for a camping pod, yurt, tipi, or static, and the facilities they want on the campsite.

They may be looking for a site with a bar, one which is adults-only, or which accepts dogs, or has facilities for wheelchair users. Any permutation of requirements can be put in to Campsite Finder, and a list of matching sites will be returned.

It doesn’t end there, as a growing number of campsites are offering online availability checking and pitch booking through direct links on Campsite Finder.

The growing popularity of camping in all its guises, as an affordable and eco-friendly holiday, means that more and more people are using Campsite Finder to identify their perfect pitch. During the peak season in July and August 2013, the site processed a record number of campsite searches, up by 90 percent on the year before.

Campsite Finder is found on Out and About Live, the leading outdoor leisure website from Warners Group Publications and the online home of the leading magazines MMM, Caravan, and Camping. Travel and Parks Editor for Warners Group, Russ Swan, said: “This is great news for Britain’s campers, as the inclusion of more campsites on this pioneering directory means they are offered more choice than ever before. Camping is growing in popularity, and Campsite Finder is now more able than ever before to help people find their perfect pitch.”

Check out the Campsite Finder on Out and About Live.